Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Crazy Quilting Granny

After being a mostly sane Quilter for a long time. LOL, I now get my enjoyment from Crazy Quilting,
I love embroidery, Beads, Buttons, Lace and Embellishments, having a large collection gathered over many years.
The wall hanging I am working on at present I call " Freedom to Fly"... All Creatures with Wings should have freedom to fly.
This includes my imagination of course.
Lots of Birds and Butterflies adorn the blocks, the Rosella on the top righthand photo and the Kookaburra on the lower photo are sew on motifs owned by my Husbands Grandmother.
so these Quilts become memory Quilts as well.
Now even Fairies have wings, I found a beautiful Fairy design to embroider so I think she will find a place on a block also.
Please don't send a straight Jacket yet, it would restrict my hands , I did tell you I am crazy

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trying Again

Today I had a lovely day stitching with friends at Patch n Quilt in Gisbourne Victoria,
Thank you girls for making me feel so welcome after I have been away for so long.
Thanks also to Liz, for the ride, you have all convinced me to try Blogging again.
Love R.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two Little Blankets of Love

 Two little Blankets of Love I have finished to send to Cheryll,at blanketsoflove-oz.blogspot.com.au/

I do hope they will bring some comfort to grieving families who have lost a little one.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mill Rosie Gathering

 What a great day we all enjoyed at Mill Rose Cottage on Saturday.
Smiling faces all around, here are Christine and Mel.
 Sue with her lovely swap gift, I travelled with Sue, although she has only lived in Melbourne for a short time she has an inbuilt compass for finding her way around, and even drove our new member  Kim home to Oak Park.
Thank you Sue, you are a wonderful driver.
 Here we have Barb showing her swap gift, and Ann.
 Mel with her swap gift, a bit out of focus,(my bad photography)
  And our new member Kim with her lovely gift, this is where the battery went flat on my camera.
So the rest of these photos were taken at home, or borrowed from our other Sue's blog, kiwikid.blogspot.com
 My gorgeous gift, made by Lyn, a basket full of amazing goodies, all matching, Lyn had really gone the extra mile. Thank you so much Lyn I love it all.
 This fabulous idea was included in the basket, a Quilters Survival kit, a pretty little bag filled with such fun things, hope you can read all the contents.
 These are the photos I borrowed, Cheryl, me and Sue, getting some stitching done.

 Cheryl with her swap gift, made my me, I had once again forgotten to take a photograph before wrapping it, it included a box of Maltesers which Cheryl and Shez were planning to roll around the dashboard on the way home, hope you enjoyed them girls.

All the wonderful red themed loveliness to top off another fabulous gathering of friends.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

National Mug Rug Day

 Today is National Mug Rug Day.
This little beauty was made for me by my dear friend Dorothy, who knows how much I love pretty  teacups.
Now although I have not made many Mug Rugs myself, I must confess to making this one in December2013 for a dear friend.
This friend isn't fond of them at all !!!
Although maybe she is warming to them just a bit, after receiving so many.
Luv Ya Shez,    enjoyinglife.blogspot.com

Monday, January 20, 2014

Musings of a lazy blogger

 It is such a long time between between posts, maybe I should change my blog name to the lazy blogger.
I have still been doing a bit of sewing, a couple of stitcheries, I can't show yet.
For years I have wanted to make a crazy quilt and have been collecting bits and pieces for that purpose, at last I have started, these are my first two 12.5 inch blocks, still works in progress.

 I am not sure what I am doing, but enjoying myself immensely in the process.
I may call this quilt "Butterfly Dreaming" or perhaps "Garden Dreaming" or even "The Birds and the Bees', no not that.
I have this lovely book by Allie Aller to drool over, I don't think mine will ever be up to Allie's standard, but I'm having fun trying.
Anyway until next time, whenever that will be,
Live well,  Laugh often, and Love much.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Mill Rosie Swap gift

What a fabulous day we had at Mill Rose Cottage on Saturday at the Mill Rosie Friends get together.
Although I did not take good photos on the day, I must share pics of my swap gift, made by our fun Naughty Santa for the day Shez of Enjoying Life.
Our swap gift this time was to be designed by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly.

Not only did I receive the gorgeous Red Brolly apron, but Shez also included one of her great kitchen hand towels, all colour coordinated baking accessories, plus cookie cutters and cookery book.
No excuses for me not getting the Christmas baking done now.
Shez tied the apron on for me, I loved it so much I don't think the other lovely girls had the heart to take it off me. ( I threatened them with the evil eye if they did).

 Shez tried hard to get us to play Naughty Santa, but not much gift swapping was done as most of us wanted to keep the gift we unwrapped, ( maybe better luck next year Shez ).
Thank you girls for such a fun day.
Hugs R.