Monday, January 20, 2014

Musings of a lazy blogger

 It is such a long time between between posts, maybe I should change my blog name to the lazy blogger.
I have still been doing a bit of sewing, a couple of stitcheries, I can't show yet.
For years I have wanted to make a crazy quilt and have been collecting bits and pieces for that purpose, at last I have started, these are my first two 12.5 inch blocks, still works in progress.

 I am not sure what I am doing, but enjoying myself immensely in the process.
I may call this quilt "Butterfly Dreaming" or perhaps "Garden Dreaming" or even "The Birds and the Bees', no not that.
I have this lovely book by Allie Aller to drool over, I don't think mine will ever be up to Allie's standard, but I'm having fun trying.
Anyway until next time, whenever that will be,
Live well,  Laugh often, and Love much.


  1. hello my lazy blogger,lol,so good to read your post and how much fun you are having with your gorgeous blocks,thats what its all about rosie enjoying one's self so i cant wait to see some more blocks,see you soon my lovely friend.xx

  2. Well I am delighted to read your post. You are only forgiven because you are such a sweetie. Lol! I love your blocks... I am a big fan too. Your book looks very delicious and inspiring. You will have to post more now so we can follow your progress. Hugs xx

  3. Your blocks are looking lovely Rosalie.

  4. your blocks look wonderful Rosalie!

  5. You know how much I love all your flutterbys!

  6. Gorgeous block - well it is in my favourite colours for a start! Loved your finished quilt when I saw it on Marina's blog. xx