Monday, April 8, 2013

Tuesday Treasures

This is my Tuesday Treasure for today with Melody of The House On The Side Of The Hill.
Like many of our Blogger Friends I love pretty China, especially Tea Pots, I still love to make a pot with loose leaf tea.
I first saw this"Royal Albert" Tea Pot when visiting my local Vinnies op shop,it was in the glass case reserved for special items and priced at $65, I loved it but couldn't warrant paying that price.
Each time I went to the shop I would check MY Teapot was still in the case, eventually the price came down, first $35, then $17, I told myself when it reached $10 I would buy it (scrooge hey).
Well you guessed it, on my next visit it was gone from the case, Oh well I thought someone was happy to pay the $17, good for them.
Imagine my surprise and shock when leaving the shop to see MY pot on a table, and the price $4.
I can only think not many people use loose leaf tea these days.