Thursday, January 30, 2014

National Mug Rug Day

 Today is National Mug Rug Day.
This little beauty was made for me by my dear friend Dorothy, who knows how much I love pretty  teacups.
Now although I have not made many Mug Rugs myself, I must confess to making this one in December2013 for a dear friend.
This friend isn't fond of them at all !!!
Although maybe she is warming to them just a bit, after receiving so many.
Luv Ya Shez,

Monday, January 20, 2014

Musings of a lazy blogger

 It is such a long time between between posts, maybe I should change my blog name to the lazy blogger.
I have still been doing a bit of sewing, a couple of stitcheries, I can't show yet.
For years I have wanted to make a crazy quilt and have been collecting bits and pieces for that purpose, at last I have started, these are my first two 12.5 inch blocks, still works in progress.

 I am not sure what I am doing, but enjoying myself immensely in the process.
I may call this quilt "Butterfly Dreaming" or perhaps "Garden Dreaming" or even "The Birds and the Bees', no not that.
I have this lovely book by Allie Aller to drool over, I don't think mine will ever be up to Allie's standard, but I'm having fun trying.
Anyway until next time, whenever that will be,
Live well,  Laugh often, and Love much.