Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mill Rosie Gathering

 What a great day we all enjoyed at Mill Rose Cottage on Saturday.
Smiling faces all around, here are Christine and Mel.
 Sue with her lovely swap gift, I travelled with Sue, although she has only lived in Melbourne for a short time she has an inbuilt compass for finding her way around, and even drove our new member  Kim home to Oak Park.
Thank you Sue, you are a wonderful driver.
 Here we have Barb showing her swap gift, and Ann.
 Mel with her swap gift, a bit out of focus,(my bad photography)
  And our new member Kim with her lovely gift, this is where the battery went flat on my camera.
So the rest of these photos were taken at home, or borrowed from our other Sue's blog,
 My gorgeous gift, made by Lyn, a basket full of amazing goodies, all matching, Lyn had really gone the extra mile. Thank you so much Lyn I love it all.
 This fabulous idea was included in the basket, a Quilters Survival kit, a pretty little bag filled with such fun things, hope you can read all the contents.
 These are the photos I borrowed, Cheryl, me and Sue, getting some stitching done.

 Cheryl with her swap gift, made my me, I had once again forgotten to take a photograph before wrapping it, it included a box of Maltesers which Cheryl and Shez were planning to roll around the dashboard on the way home, hope you enjoyed them girls.

All the wonderful red themed loveliness to top off another fabulous gathering of friends.


  1. It was such a fantastic day Rosalie, it was so nice to catch up with you again.

  2. It certainly was a lovely day. Weren't the swap gifts amazing!

  3. it sure was a wonderful day and those gifts were amazing Rosalie and it was so good to catch up with you again my friend.xx

  4. It was a wonderful day. So glad you came along.

  5. What fun you had. Love the red swap gifts!!!! The survival kit is such a giggle xx

  6. It was a wonderful day Rosalie, the swaps were amazing weren't they?

  7. it was a great day! You received such an amazing gift, and you didn't even have to fight anyone off this time

  8. Another lovely day. It was great to see you again. hugs

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