Monday, September 9, 2013

Tuesday Treasures, My Garden.

 My Garden Is My Treasure today,Spring has sprung, I love Freesias, they have such wonderful perfume.

 This is my "Rosalie" Azalea, the only one I have been able to grow in our soil.
                                 A brilliant Cyclamen,a gift 5 years ago after a spell in hospital.
                               And a favorite, little Johnny Jump Ups, they pop up all over the garden.
So go over to Melody,at to see what other Treasures are on show.


  1. Your garden is always so beautiful, as these photos attest. I love johnny jump ups too.

  2. Johnny jump ups! I have never heard of them before, They are divine! thanks for sharing.

  3. So many beautiful flowers Rosalie. I wish our garden looked like that!

  4. Your garden is beautiful Rosalie and definitely a treasure. Loved your post and your Azalea. Hugs xx

  5. Hello Rosalie,

    What a great mix of flowers, love that you can actually grow a Azalea, they are a tricky plant to grow.

    Happy days.

  6. I love the freesias too, there looks like a lot of lovely colour in your garden

  7. hi Rosa;ie ,you have a lovely garden.xx