Monday, February 27, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Since our wonderful Toby died,(I have blogged about him before) we have not had another dog of our own. These are our little Granddogs, Maggie, very muddy after playing in the wet garden, and Seymour, happily posing for the camera. They come to us whenever their families are away from home. They treat our place as their personal holiday resort,(be it ever so humble) and have us twisted around their paws, (a bit like the Grandkids really).

What would life be without the love and devotion of our pets?
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  1. They are cuties, and I agree, we need pets in our life to make it full x

  2. very happy puppies.xx

  3. How lovely being the foster mum to those two lucky puppies! Haha I know what you mean about the holiday resort. Dots new baby Bailey has a wonderful time when he comes to stay and he is so adore able.

  4. Just love Maggie and Seymour - they are so sweet.

  5. lovely pics of your fur grand babies and also of your old boy Toby.

    Will look forward to your new blog.

  6. Hello Briar, thanks for your comment on my blog... it came as no reply so I can't reply and so I am visiting you at your place.... lovely to see the dogs - our pets are very special....